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Yarn porn: Little Prince sock yarn, and the softest/squishiest alpaca blend ever
The alpaca/merino yarn will hopefully be knit into a decent-looking bolero for my wedding (outdoors on 10/12). The sock yarn was a happy accident; I stumbled upon it while looking for something to add to my order to bump up the total enough to get a discount. There were a number of colorways, and I MAY need them all. I don’t know who came up with Little Prince YARN, but it was the best idea ever (I’ve had a slight obsession since reading the book in a high school French class).
Pumpkin beer haul 2014 - not sure if either is new this year but they’re new to me
Today’s #Whovian outfit: bad guy dress (Daleks, cyberman and weeping Angels) and #sonicscrewdriver pendant

And another cup cozy; this one with buttons to accommodate mugs with handles. This one is also taller and thicker than the other cozy I knitted recently. I altered the pattern just slightly; rather than making it the same height all the way around, I decreased a few stitches at the end to better fit inside mug handles. The yarns were both leftovers; the blue is (I think) pure wool and the yellow is the same alpaca used in my other cozy.

A recent finished object - coffee cup cozy

The yarn is some leftover alpaca, which will hopefully provide some good insulation. It also feels really nice in your hands. The pattern is a very simple one, and I whipped this up pretty quickly. Good for when you have 4 other projects on the go and just feel the need to complete something…

So excited that I caught up with the first seven seasons of Doctor Who and can now watch an episode with the rest of the world. Picked up this guy at the comic book store in honor of tonight’s premiere #doctorwho #Whovian

Our kestrel friend hanging out on my fiancé’s head

My fiancé and I took a walk this afternoon in our town (Salem, MA) and met this friendly bird - I think a kestrel? I noticed him sitting in the grass, watching me from not far away, which seemed strange. A bit later he decided he was going to hop onto the head of anyone who got close to him. Pretty cool to see him so close, but I wonder why it wasn’t more afraid of people.

I got a few close-ups of him on my fiancé’s head (I managed to keep him off my own!) but I’ll put those in a separate post

I kind of feel like a unicorn when I wear this (ginormous, candy-colored #shawl) #knitting

Beer Camp mix

Myron’s Walk - Sierra Nevada and Allagash

I forgot to rate this one at the time of drinking it…


Beer Camp mix

Sierra Nevada/Ninkasi Brewing - Double Latte

Strong coffee flavor (3.5/5)

Beer Camp mix by Sierra Nevada (and 12 collaborating breweries)
I love these bottle caps!

This is a really cool concept - Sierra Nevada collaborated with 12 different breweries to create 12 different beers. I usually shy away from cases of beer because I almost always prefer trying new beers to having an old favorite. This had only one of each beer, and I think the case is the only way to get each of them. I also like that it doesn’t seem to be overly hop-heavy (I’m not a fan of IPAs or anything else too hoppy).

On the bus to see my boys! I saw at least two other passengers in Arsenal kits :) (at South Street Station - Megabus)